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VoIP Telephony & SIP Trunks

TERIAS provides a wide range of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and telephony services, from individual extensions to bespoke hosted solutions along with a range of SIP service partners to help get the best out of your investment into VoIP.

VoIP means making phone calls from a computer, handset or a mobile phone using the internet connection.

Following a consultation, we will propose a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements and provide ongoing personalised support for managing the service. We don’t sell VoIP plans without ensuring it’s the right fit for a business.

Save on your phone system and your phone bill with VoIP. Through the power of VoIP and use of the internet you can get big business telephony features on a small business budget. Talk free between your offices wherever they are in the world.

There is no steep learning curve to use VoIP within your business. No technical knowledge or expertise is required. Placing a call is exactly the same as with any regular phone. You pick up the handset and dial the telephone number. It's that simple. Receiving calls also works in the same way: the phone will ring just like a regular phone. With VoIP, all you need to do is pick up the phone and start talking!

VoIP telephone systems use the internet in place of the phone cables provided by telecommunications providers. Instead of connecting to sockets installed by these providers, VoIP telephones connect directly to a data network (internet). When that handset or device is activated it connects to a service provider who links that handset over the internet to the regular phone system.

Communication has never been easier. Multiple-departments, offices and those working remotely can seamlessly link together. Numerous features, which were not possible with traditional telephone services, come as standard. It provides instant scalability and unlimited configuration options to your phone system.

Advantages of VoIP?

Route calls to another office, mobile, centralised reception or staff member. Messages can be sent straight to your e-mail inbox. No more concerns about missing a call again – you can have access 24/7 if you like.

Handy if you are renting and want to be able to move your phone system easily.

Users can integrate software programs, such as e-mail, e-fax, and remote conferencing over the internet via the telephone.

VoIP phone systems let users access a convenient web portal to reconfigure the system at any time. Calls can be diverted to anywhere in the world due to cloud-hosted VoIP phone system features.

Increase productivity by allowing employees to multi-task without interruption.

VoIP installation requires little technical know-how. Since the transfer of voice to digital signals occurs using software instead of hardware and the technology combines and stores data onto one single network, it makes it easier to alter and maintain the entire system.

The most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving potential. All of an organisation’s voice and data traffic is integrated into one physical network. The technology provides more connections from your main telephone number eliminating the need for additional fixed land-lines.