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Phone Systems & IP Connectivity

TERIAS is able to provide a wide range of business grade Telephony and IP Connectivity services to suit businesses of any size.

We are able to effectively and efficiently manage the adoption or migration to a VoIP telephony system.

VoIP - what and why?

  • Phone Systems using data rather than traditional phone line
  • Advanced functionality
  • Excellent Quality
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Ideal for businesses of any size, especially those with remote workers.

For more information about VoIP phone systems, click here

If your company requires mobile handsets via traditional GSM connection, or alternatively via a VoIP app which can be installed on any smartphone, TERIAS can help to arrange the most cost efficient solution that meets your requirements.

We partner with industry leading telephony providers specialising in business only solutions, for any size of business.

A full package of mobile and fixed telephony would normally be the recommended solution.

Via our preferred partners, TERIAS can help to source the most cost efficient internet connectivity that suits your business needs.

There are a wide variety of options available, from standard business broadband, fibre to premise (FTTP) to dedicated leased lines.

Leased Lines provide a dedicated, secure and reserved connection to the internet without the possibility of the connection or bandwidth being compromised by other simultaneous connections.

For more information on Business Broadband vs Leased Lines, please click here.