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FileMaker Development

TERIAS are FileMaker Business Alliance partners (FBA), employing a team of certified FileMaker consultants and FileMaker developers with a wealth of expertise across multiple versions and industries.

If you have an existing FileMaker system that requires development expertise, migration or hosting please get in touch for a free of charge consultation.

For new projects, we create custom apps & software for any business size, for any business process with the aim of maximising efficiency, improving productivity and ultimately increasing profitability.

The main goal is always to deliver a standalone application, that will seamlessly integrate multiple in-house and 3rd party services and technologies.

FileMaker is the client software used to create and host the "Solution" or "App".

It contains in-built functionality to integrate many different services, store large amounts of information, display and analyse information, and many other fundamental and advanced features.

A typical Solution would consist of a relational database (data stored in tables, fields and inter-connected via relationships between those fields).
A user interacts with the Solution via layouts, which are intuitively designed using the FileMaker internal layout design features.
FileMaker Scripts and Functions control the behaviour and functionality of the Solution.

One of the distinct advantages of FileMaker in comparison to other software development frameworks is the incredible speed that a Solution can be designed and deployed.

Changes or alterations can be easily made without requiring downtime, or recompiling of an entire system. This means it can be done whilst users are interacting with the system itself.

We are able to build a completely customised solution from initial concept, according to a client's own requirements, specifications and preferences. By striking a balance between customisation and speed of deployment, we can create a robust, highly functional system comprising a selective choice of template modules for commonly utilised business processes.

To access a FileMaker solution remotely (rather than having a local copy stored on a computer) a suitable hosting option must be adopted.

We provide FileMaker Hosting services to rival any of the leading FileMaker Hosting providers, but at a fraction of the cost.

Please get in touch to receive an immediate no obligation quote.

If you have an existing FileMaker solution that requires advanced functionality to be added, or simply modernising / upgrading in any way, then contact us for a free consultation.

We will successfully deliver any specific requirement, whether it be a small change or complete system overhaul.