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eBay Automation

If your business sells products on eBay, our integrated solution will connect to your eBay shop to automate many of the time consuming and repetitive processes that would otherwise have to be completed on the eBay platform. Below is an overview of this integration:-

  • Automatic creation of selling "location" in eBay
  • Allows the mass update of eBay listings to be created
  • Management of stock availability in the online store

  • eBay client record creation, or linking to existing client records by checking email, eBay username etc.
  • Address data capture
  • Delivery address capture

  • Generating quotes for eBay orders
  • Stock checking prior to order processing
  • Stock error capture

  • Generate invoices for eBay orders
  • Update stock on eBay once orders are processed
  • Email invoices

  • Automatic pick slip generation
  • Ability to book courier dispatches automatically with DHL, DPD, FedEx
  • QA checking
  • Updating eBay when dispatch process has been started, completed etc...

  • Ability to keep the customer informed as the order progresses through the different stages