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Custom Apps & Software

TERIAS is a business alliance partner, employing a team of certified consultants and software developers with a wealth of expertise across multiple platforms and industries.

We create custom apps & software for any business size and process with the aim of maximising efficiency, improving productivity and ultimately, increasing profitability.

The goal is to deliver a standalone application, that will seamlessly integrate multiple in-house and 3rd-party services and technologies.

From initial concept to final solution, we are able to build a completely customised software solution, according to your own unique requirements, specifications and preferences.

By using FileMaker in conjunction with other core technologies we are able to design and deploy a working solution at a fraction of the cost, and in an incredibly short timeframe relative to other software development frameworks.

By striking a balance between customisation and speed of deployment, we can create a robust, highly functional system comprising of a selective choice of template modules for commonly utilised business processes.