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Desktop Virtualisation - Citrix, Azure, Mac

TERIAS can provide your business with a single or network of virtual machines, running in the cloud. They would be accessible from modern web browser or smart device, and would behave just like a desktop computer.

Typically for Windows Hosting we would configure a solution based around Citrix.
(If you require a specific machine set up that cannot be achieved using Citrix, we can also create virtualised machine instances in the cloud via Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud)

First, let’s define terms. Traditionally, your “desktop” (typically Microsoft Windows) is found on your laptop, PC or Mac and contains all your personal and workplace apps. It’s where you store your data (or connect to it) – not to mention being protected by your security credentials.

Enter Hosted Desktops. A fully-functional desktop – complete with apps, personalisation, security and data storage, but physically running on a server (usually located in a data centre). The user gets an identical desktop and application experience… the only difference is that it all runs somewhere in “the Cloud”.

With so many benefits Hosted Desktop is attracting businesses of all shapes and sizes. So to help you decide whether it’s the right direction for you we’ve listed the top three reasons our customers chose Hosted Desktop for their businesses:

  • A need to access company apps and data from places where they currently cannot e.g. Access from a different office, country or from a different device (Mac, tablet or smartphone).
  • Wanted to avoid a big IT expenditure on software, hardware or support.
  • Need to improve the reliability of their IT e.g. servers running slowly for some people or the whole team.
  • Other reasons to choose Hosted Desktop include security, support and IT simplification.

Hosted desktop means you can:

  • Work anywhere from any device, Mac, PC Laptop…some call that flexibility.
  • No over reliance on a single laptop or server. In other words, reliability.
  • It can be up to 40% cheaper than running applications and data on a local network so its affordable for almost any budget.
  • It is less complex, more scalable and has improved support and higher security than most on-premise IT systems.

If your business runs on Mac computers, we can configure a virtual desktop solution to accommodate single or multi machines, whilst also integrating with your local network and VPN.

Please contact us today with your specific requirements, and we will arrange a free consultation.